Traffic People

Why We Traffic People: Small Batch Design, Slow Fashion, Vintage Inspired

Traffic People was devised out of a love for vintage inspired fashion and beautifully dressed women of eras past; Lauren Bacall, Anita Pallenburg, Ava Gardiner and Bianca Jagger to name a few. Traffic People doesn’t mass produce their collections, sometimes only making 50 of each style. By making the conscious choice of slow fashion and small batch production, the impact on the environment is greatly reduced keeping both the world and your wardrobe looking unique.

Traffic People aims to foster thought in all that they do, and this extends to their relationships with the people who help to bring their collections to life. Working closely with each of their suppliers – from sourcing  to manufacturing to ensure that their brand principles are applied throughout the supply chain. By regularly meeting suppliers they aim to build strong working partnerships. Their suppliers work in accordance with their principles, which are based on the International Labour Organisations core Conventions, and the Conventions on the Rights of the Child. These Conventions require the following: compliance with local labour law, statutory pay and working hours, the right to organize and bargain collectively, a ban on child labour, discrimination, and forced labour, health and safety in the workplace, compliance with local environmental legislation.

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