Rover & Kin

Why We Rover & Kin: Women-Owned, Handmade, Fair Trade

ROVER:  It was that sense of wanderlust; the urge to see and understand the world beyond what she knew that influenced Wen (founder + rover) to start Rover & Kin. She wanted to create something where she could share what she discovered. It was the simple idea that with some effort from each of us, the world can be a better and kinder place.

KIN: Artisan networks are the nucleus of the Rover & Kin family. Their work not only supports their families and communities but also sustains their business model of a fair trade partnership.

Rover & Kin’s mission is to bring you unique and quality artisan made goods while supporting sustainable development through fair trade. It’s a simple business model that benefits both producers and conscious consumers. Collectively, the sum of our actions, however big and small, will dictate the future of our world. By choosing fair trade, you are making a positive impact on marginalized communities across the world.

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Showing all 14 results